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The relationship between Amy and Adam during the color game

The relationship between Amy and Adam first does not seem to change. But at the beginning of the color game  Amy gets a blue armband and Adam gets an orange one. Because of the rules of the color game Amy and Adam are not allowed to meet each other because of their different classes. As a consequence they miss each other and it is the most difficult test for them since the beginning of their relationship. During the color game Amy notices the disposal of the upper class students to the lower class students and wants to change the rules of the color game to stop elimination of the lower class students and to unite all colors. As a result Amy first has got an other perception of the color game than Adam which makes little conflicts between them.
5.4.11 15:12

Description of Amy´s room

Amy has got a small room upstairs with blue walls and black japanese letters on the wall. Near her window she has got joss sticks and flowers. She has got big shelvers with many old japanese booksfrom her father because he makes a point of japanese traditions. Amy has got an old computer from her father, too. She sleeps in a big bed of dark wood.In front of her little window she has got a curtain with flowers made by her grandma.

5.4.11 14:59

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