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Description of Amy´s room

Amy has got a small room upstairs with blue walls and black japanese letters on the wall. Near her w... weiterlesen
5.4.11 14:59

The relationship between Amy and Adam during the color game

The relationship between Amy and Adam first does not seem to change. But at the beginning of the col... weiterlesen
5.4.11 15:12

Comment on how Amy and Carol react to Brian in the mall

It is a difficult situation for all of them. I think first Amy wants to provocate Brian a little bit... weiterlesen
5.4.11 15:19

Chapter 6

This chapter presents in a clear way the different opinions of Amy and Adam´s sister bettina. ... weiterlesen
5.4.11 15:27

First scene

(Amy comes home after the dance. Her parents sit in the kitchen and still wait for her because she i... weiterlesen
6.4.11 22:19


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