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First scene

(Amy comes home after the dance. Her parents sit in the kitchen and still wait for her because she is too late. Amy wears a long skirt with flowers and a red t-shirt. She has got a yellow flower in her long hair an wears long earrings.When she went in she notices the stressed atmosphere.)

Amy: Hello mum, hello dad.

Father: Amy! You are too late! You must not come home at two  o´clock! You should be back home at one o´clock.

Amy: Dad, i am so sorry! But it was so funny to meet all my friends at the dance! Any Adam stayed all the time by my side. Do not worry about me only because i am one hour too late.

Father: Emiko! This American boy? He is not good for you! (Father stands up) It´s enough that you say "sorry" when a "sorry" is not enough! Go to bed now.

Amy: But Adam is my boyfriend and I love him. You have to accept him! 

Mother: Your father is all right. I´m sorry. Maybe we can talk about it tomorrow. 

Amy: Well, but.. 

Mother: Sleep well, Amy! 

Amy: Good night.


(Amy goes to bed with tears in her eyes.)



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