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Film Review: "The War between the Classes"

The film "The war between the Classes is made up off the book with the same name which is written by Gloria D. Miklowitz. The film was produced in 80´s. I expected from this film that the main topics and the most important conflicts of the book are involved. 

The first scene of this film shows a class which watches a movie about racism and violence. This scene gives an advice of the topic of the film. A teacher plays the color game with his class. Colored armbands show the social status of the person who wears it. The protagonists are Amy and Adam. They are two teenager who love each other. Amy´s father is in addition to Adam one of the most important persons for her. Because of their different colors Amy and Adam are not allowed to meet each other which makes some conflicts between them. Someday they meet each other confidential and as a result of this Amy gets the same color as Adam has - the lowest one. Many of the pupils who have to play this color game notice that it is very bad for their friendships and for their relationships. They start a demonstration against this game, their teacher who is called Mr. Otero an the G4´s. The G4´s are older students who have to check Amy, Adam and the other pupils to keep the rules of the game. 

I like the characters of Adam, Amy and Amy´s father because they are very sympathetic and friendly. I do not like the G4´s because they are strict, boastful and unfriendly. 

If this flim wants to present the topic of the book "The War between the Classes" it does it in a very bad way. The characters have not got the same attributes as they have got in the book and the scenes of this film are very boring. 

All in all I do not like this film.

1.5.11 18:28

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