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Characterization of Amy

Amy is a seventeen-year-old girl. Her birth name is Emiko Sumoto. Her parents emigrated from Japan to the USA so she is a japanese girl. She grows up in a middle class neighbourhood. Her parents are very strict in case of her education and with their japanese traditions. Amy´s boyfriend is Adam, an american boy from rich neighbourhoods. She goes to highschool with him. Amy has got a brother whos name is Hideo, who is older than her and who is going to be father of the baby from his wife Sue. Amy and her parents do not have much contact to Hideo because he married an american girl without his fathers agreement. Amy´s life is sometimes very hard because of her strict father. All in all she is a little bit unhappy about her family background because she does not want to be threated like a 12-year-old girl.
3.5.11 19:42

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